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When your acupuncturist asks what foods you crave, there's a therapeutic reason why.  According to TraditionalChinese Medicine (TCM), cravings are a diagnostic tool which can indicate imbalances in your body, mind and spirit.  Take a look at these food/mood craving correlations and see if any of them sound familiar.  Share your cravings with your acupuncturist - there are specific points to address them.  It works!


Probably the most common craving.  Sweet can indicate a couple of things.  You may be feeling low energy and be looking for a boost from sugary treats.  Unfortunately, when that sugar high wears off, you crash, leaving you exhausted and craving more sweets.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) relates the sweet flavor to the spleen.

The emotion tied to spleen is worry and overthinking.  If you're doing either, it can lead to the desire for sugar. 


Do you specifically crave ice cream?  You simply cannot get enough of...

In this crazy world of fast food and packaged everything on-the-go, some of us may need some definition on what whole foods eating really means.  Here's an easy guideline:  Eat food that looks like it does when it's growing in nature.  Whole foods are foods in their most natural state. 


1.  Commercially processed foods often contain unhealthy ingredients and excessive amounts of fat, salt and sugar. 

2.  Commercially processing foods depletes their health benefits.  For example, processing brown rice into white rice removes the outer bran which contains heart healthy fiber and nutrients. 
3.  Whole foods provide the greatest health benefits of vitamins and minerals.  Studies have shown that isolated nutrients in supplement form are not absorbed the same in the body as we find with whole foods. 
4. They taste better and you feel better after eating them. 

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