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Instructor:  Ric Warren, L.Ac. MTOM

Saturdays, 8 - 9 a.m.

1/12, 1/19, 1/26, 2/2, 2/9

cost: $75

call balance for more info


Come learn this simplified form of T'ai Chi.  It's easy to grasp and integrate into your wellness routine.  Benefits of T'ai Chi include better balance, agility and flexibility.  It can lower blood pressure and benefit heart health.  T'ai chi is also great for increasing energy and decreasing stress and anxiety.  It will put you in a better mood and put a little pep in your step!

Eat, Drink and Be Healthy

with Darlene Easton, MSAOM, L.Ac., NCCAOM Dipl., MCN


Saturday, 7/21/18, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.


According to the The Harvard Medical School’s Guide to Healthy Eating there are key factors that constitute good health. Join us for a discussion on the what the components of real health are. We will be exploring the role facts and myths as well as culture and lifestyle on our daily choices and overall health. We will also look at health trends and try to understand why obesity, diabetes and heart disease are all symptoms of hormone imbalances that can be turned around. We'll offer information, insight and health tips and action plans that you can use immediately to move toward a healthier life. 

1 ticket $40

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2 tickets $60

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SAT.,    JUNE 16TH,  10-1

COST:  $37

Dr. Laura Chey, DACM

Do you want to live pain-free and not have to worry about the harmful side effects of reflux medication?  Join us for Holistic Reflux Solution and learn about natural ways to address your heartburn


The cause  of your heartburn.  It may not be what you think it is!  Explore natural supplements and treatments to treat your reflux.  


The #1 trigger of reflux is stress.  Learn techniques to feel calm and relaxed that you can start using right away.  Find out why everyone's talking about meditation and mindfulness.


Learn about how your digestion works and creating a healthy gut environment.  Discover which foods are no-no's and foods that will help you improve your digestion

Dr. Laura Chey is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and a Nationally Certified Herbologist with over 25 years of experience.  Laura specializes in digestive disorders and designed this workshop to share her success with treating acid reflux naturally.  Laura's mission is to "Spread wellness one bite at a time."

Purchase your ticket here.  Register by 6/12

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SAT 6/2


Join us for an in-depth look into the ancient health practices of China and how they can help you enjoy a long, healthy life.


Darlene will share with you what the Chinese know about:


·       The benefits of a mostly plant-based diet, rich in vegetables and lean proteins. 

·       How food grade Chinese herbs are incorporated in cooking for therapeutic purposes.

·       Exercise to promote balance and longevity like Tai Ji and Qi Gong. 

·       Keys to creating and maintaining a positive mental attitude for good health.

·       First Line Therapy in China - Acupuncture, Herbal medicine and Tuina.  How these natural methods are used as an alternative to pharmaceuticals and surgeries.

·       A discussion of real-life cases and how these modalities can help you.  You’ll have answers to questions like what a reasonable timeline and course of treatment looks like.


You’ll also 

·       Sample delicious Chinese treats made with healthy herbs

·       Learn DIY remedies you can create at home for

·       Cold relief

·       Digestive health

·       Relaxation and Stress Relief

·       Practice a few Tai Ji / Qi Gong moves to relax and energize you.

·       Take home hand-outs and recipes to enjoy on your own time.


Come find out more about how to live a long, healthy life the Chinese way!

Presenter:  Darlene Easton

Price:  $40 or bring a friend for 1/2 price  - 2 people for $60

10% of proceeds will be donated to Food Link 

Registration Deadline:  5/30/18

Join us for WAG:

You'll receive an email each day with your daily gratitude challenge.  You'll learn the many benefits of Gratitude and receive inspiration to pay it forward.  

Want to participate?  Hit the  JOIN! button and send me an email with YES TO GRATITUDE in the subject line.  

WAG with your family.  Grab a friend, work colleagues and loved ones and get your Gratitude on!

See how it changes you :)

I need a food reset.  Wanna join me?


I am a foodaholic.  I love EVERYTHING about it.  I love to eat it, cook it , grow it.  I love to learn about it, read and write about it.  I am especially obsessed with how it relates to our health.  If it's good for me- I'll give it a try.  But here's the thing...


I want it to taste good too!


What is the healthiest diet on the planet? I've studied quite a few of them and they all come back to one simple way of eating.  

Whole Foods.

You've probably heard this term dozens of times,  but what exactly is a Whole Food?


Whole Food

noun,  [hohl food]

1.  A food that is considered healthy because it is grown naturally, has not been processed, and contains no artificial ingredients

2.  A grocery store where a health foodie could spend their year's salary in under an hour.  Syn. whole paycheck


This got my wheels rolling to come up with a fun eating challenge.  Whole week of Whole Foods.  WWWF.  Disclaimer:  There will be no wrestling with fruits and veggies involved in this event. 


Sign up for the free program.    What you'll get the week of 10/16-10/23:

  • daily email including recipes 

  • tips to make the Whole Week of Whole Food easier and tastier

  • access to the WWWF facebook group where you can share recipes and commiserate with others.

  • Best of all, you'll feel better. 


Here's a list of other things you will not be putting into your body during WWWF.   These shouldn't be too tough to remember since most of them are automatically eliminated under the whole food category.


NOT IN MY BODY Guidelines (NIMB)

If you come across ingredients on this list, just say no.  Close thy mouth. 

1. processed foods, Anything out of a box.  

2. artificial colorings, flavorings and sweeteners

3. White sugar, white flour - anything refined.

4. processed meats like cold cuts and bacon

5.  sweetened beverages



1/2  vegetables

1/4  complex carbohydrates 

1/4  (fist size) serving of lean protein

Join me 10/16 - 10/23 for this full week of goodness.  Reconnect with your food.  Feel Better!

WHOLE FOOD:  What is it?  And why is it better?

Sat., October 15th, 9-11 am,  free

Darlene Easton, MSAOM, L.Ac, Diplomate NCCAOM, 

Certified Nutrition Specialist

Join us for an in-depth talk on the benefits of eating whole foods.  Learn to identify, incorporate and appreciate whole foods.  Find out why it's vitally important to shift to this type of diet. Discussion, demonstrations and tastings will round out our morning with vital information.  You'll utilize Darlene's tips about delicious meal options and practical food preparation skills to make your "whole" life healthy.

Gentle Yoga 

Wednesdays, from  9-10am,  Laura & LiLi Chey-Warren


Come join us!  Yoga is for everyone.  We have awesome folks in this class that have multiple joint surgeries, chronic illnesses and lots of spirit!  This gentle class is designed

to help you create breath awareness, learn basic yoga poses, and increase flexibility and relaxation. It's a great class if you are new to yoga, or looking for a class with a more

relaxed pace.




Laura Chey-Warren, L.Ac, MTOM, D.C.H.


Saturday, March 12th, 9-11a.m.

Class fee $25, included in the cost is a $10 coupon for your detox protein shake.  

Registration required by 3/9. 



Have you been curious about detoxing but not sure where to start?  Walk away from this class with an organized plan to put you on the path for a successful detox.  You'll learn about:


  • Benefits of detox and how it works

  • 10 day and 28 day plans

  • Detox Quiz to determine your needs

  • Discovering food sensitivities and intolerances

  • Elimination Diet - a natural diagnostic tool

  • Delicious detox meal recipes and shake recipes

  • Tastiest detox friendly brands and foods

  • Weekly check in option

  • Detox facebook community and blog

  • Lifestyle choices to make your detox the best it can be

  • Detox menu planning 


Plus, come taste a detox shake and some delicious snacks!


Here's what previous detoxers have to say:


"I lost 15 pounds!"

"I never knew that I was sensitive to milk."

"My energy level is much more even."

"I'm sleeping like a baby."

"My skin and hair feel amazing!"

"I had no idea how addicted I was to caffeine."

"I don't even crave sugar anymore!"

"I'm proud of myself for completing this."

"My hot flashes are gone!"

"I feel so good.  I'm going to do this at least once a year."

"It changed my life."

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