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BALANCE 10-Day Detox Made Easy
 *Stay tuned for our next offering of our 10-Day Detox!*

Here's feedback from the latest 10-Day Detox group:


"I'm sleeping better."


"The emails were an integral part of the process."


"Recipes were great."


"Meals from Edibles made it very easy."


"My sugar cravings are gone."


"I lost 4 pounds."


"I feel great after the 10 days!"


We've been leading folks through detox for the past decade and have seen incredible results. However, for as many people who have benefited from the process, there have been those who needed it but decided to opt out. When asked why, we heard the same reasons over and over again, and we listened. Some might think they're just "excuses",  but we believe change can happen if there are less roadblocks. Here's a list of 5 of the most common detox roadblocks:


1.  What do I eat?

2.  I hate cooking.

3.  I don't have time to cook.

4.  This looks hard!

5.  28 days is too long!!


BALANCE 10-DAY DETOX MADE EASY will address all of these concerns.

No more complex road maps or hieroglyphics. Just real food, simple recipes and easy instructions.  This detox will focus on what you CAN eat, rather than what you cannot.  


Still seem too difficult?  We're still listening!  You'll have the option to pamper yourself and buy delicious chef prepared detox meals from Edibles Restaurant.

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