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When your acupuncturist asks what foods you crave, there's a therapeutic reason why. According to TraditionalChinese Medicine (TCM), cravings are a diagnostic tool which can indicate imbalances in your body, mind and spirit. Take a look at these food/mood craving correlations and see if any of them sound familiar. Share your cravings with your acupuncturist - there are specific points to address them. It works!


Probably the most common craving. Sweet can indicate a couple of things. You may be feeling low energy and be looking for a boost from sugary treats. Unfortunately, when that sugar high wears off, you crash, leaving you exhausted and craving more sweets. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) relates the sweet flavor to the spleen.

The emotion tied to spleen is worry and overthinking. If you're doing either, it can lead to the desire for sugar.


Do you specifically crave ice cream? You simply cannot get enough of the cool sweetness and smooth texture? Don't blame Abbotts, it could be that you're looking for self-soothing, maybe from worrying too much. Engage in an activity of self care instead. Get a massage or take a hot bath.


Can't get enough bread and pasta? Simple carbs - mostly white ? You may be fatigued and looking for a boost of energy. Get more, high quality sleep. Include lean proteins and whole grains in your diet to try and keep your blood sugar more balanced. This will help even out your energy level.


This craving relates to anger and frustration. The crunch and active motion of chewing something hard gives you a temporary release. Do something active to work through this craving. And I don't mean eating a 5 lb. bag of Lays. Do some sort of exercise. Take a walk around the block and tap into what may be pissing you off. Call a friend and talk it through.


Sour relates to the Liver. Your liver qi may be congested due to stress. Add this to your morning ritual - squeeze the juice of ½ a lemon into a mug of warm water. Bitter green leafy veggies like arugula, rapini and dandelion also benefit the liver qi. Relieve stress with acupuncture and/or exercise.


Spicy foods help the body cool down by triggering sweating. Spicy also opens up congested sinuses. Spicy is the flavor of the lungs. If you're craving spicy foods when you have a cold, indulge and feel your nose open up. Just have a box of tissues on hand! Spicy foods can also indicate a sulfur or zinc deficiency. Good sources of zinc: pumpkin seeds, meat, poultry, legumes. Good sources of sulfur: edamame, cruciferous vegetables, eggs, garlic, onion, meat.


And last but not least, no craving article wouldn't be complete without talking about chocolate! Chocolate effects the same brain chemicals as falling in love, dopamine and serotonin. This craving can be an indicator of loneliness or depression. You may be looking for a lift me up when reaching for a chocolate bar. Try acupuncture, it will help your serotonin release as well.

Listen to your cravings. Share them with your acupuncturist. They may be trying to tell you something.

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