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Gratitude Alarm- WAG Day 3


A wonderful exercise to get you in the Gratitude mindset is to write a Gratitude mantra. What's a mantra? Its a phrase that is continuously repeated during meditation or prayer. It could be something as simple as "My attitude is Gratitude." Or "I am grateful." It can be longer such as "Gratitude brings me in harmony with the universe and those around me." Try to make it a phrase that feels natural to you. My favorite is "Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude." Feel free to use it :).

Get your mantra down on paper because you'll be using it for your Gratitude Alarm assignment.


Schedule in 3-5 gratitude breaks throughout the day. Use the alarm app on your smart phone. Pause when the alarm goes off and inhale and exhale deeply while saying your gratitude mantra. At that moment, think of something you are grateful for. This exercise keeps you in the moment. We can all get caught up in our day to day busy-ness and forget to take a minute to focus on what we are grateful for. Hopefully this week will help you remember to take those thankful moments.

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