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MAKE A GRATITUDE JAR. Find a clean jar and label it. Some naming ideas could be “Gratitude,” “Good Things”, “Thankful”, “Merci” or whatever feels right for you. Make sure the mouth of the jar is big enough for you to reach into.

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Keep your Gratitude Jar in a visible place in the house.

  • Pick a time of day to write down what you're grateful for on the small pieces of paper. Some families like to do it at dinner when you gather together and recount the happenings of your days. You can stuff in 1 note a day, or 100. Whatever floats your boat.

  • When we finish the Gratitude Challenge or whenever you need a pick me up, pull a gratitude note out . It will be a reminder of the wonderful things that occurred during WAG. Keep this jar going for longer than the week. Encourage family members to participate. Some people choose to have one jar per year.

Trouble thinking about something to write about? Remember POET.

P-People O-Opportunities E-Experiences T-Things

Not in the do-it-yourself mood? Stop by balance and check out the Gratitude Jars we have for sale. The larger ones contain a pen and 40 slips of paper, each with a gratitude quote on the back of it. The smaller Gratitude Jars contain 20 quotes. Use the back side of the Gratitude quote notes to write down what you’re thankful for. When you walk buy these lovely vessels, you can't help but feel grateful!

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