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The Gratitude of Giving - WAG Day 5

Each time I get a hand written note of appreciation, it feels like I've received a beautiful gift. Especially snail mail. I also love the art of writing a note. Something about putting pen to paper feels authentic and permanent. Our handwriting has our qi or our energy in it. It is unique to us.

WAG Day 5 has 2 challenges.

1. Send a thank you note to someone who's made you feel grateful. Maybe it’s your mom or dad. Or Ms. Hurley, your 3rd grade teacher. Whoever it is, write it out and let them know they’re appreciated. You will make their day! As a form of communication, writing gives you a chance to really think about what you want to express and gives the recipient a keepsake they can enjoy forever.


Donating gives us gratitude by helping someone in need. It connects us with the abundance we have and appreciation that we can pay it forward to others. Clean out your closets and give it to a charitable organization. Ric has a mantra he repeats when he is giving items away: “Thank you for your service.” These objects have served him well and he is paying it forward by giving them away to help someone else.

BALANCE DONATION OPPORTUNITY: Angela Tota, our Reiki Practitioner Extraordinaire, organized for Balance to be a drop off area for the East Rochester food shelf. Here is what they are in need of: cereal, bread, rolls, pancake mix, syrup, Hamburger Helper, gravy, Stove Top stuffing, canned soup, instant potatoes, apples in a bag. Please deliver items by Monday 11/22. You’ll have a grateful heart!

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