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Take a Gratitude Walk - WAG Day 6


A gratitude walk can be very nurturing when you’re stressed, down or worried. Take 15 minutes or longer to walk outside in the park or in your neighborhood. While you walk take in the natural beauty on your path, the trees, water and earth. Breath deeply and enjoy a moment of gratitude for the sights and sounds. Be aware of all your senses. Notice the leaves rustling, the birds chirping, the green grass, ripples in the water, the sun and wind on your skin, clouds in the sky, the smells of autumn. Then touch base with how you’re feeling inside, how the air deeply fills your lungs, the way your muscles stretch with each stride, the peace you feel when you connect with nature.

One of my favorite places to take a gratitude walk is on the canal. I can go deep in my thoughts and not worry about traffic. There are the beautiful natural elements of air, water and earth present and the scenery can't be beat.

Feeling grateful for this warm week in November. Get out and enjoy it!

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