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Gratitude Meal - WAG Day 7

For any of you who know me, you know that eventually it had to get back to the food. The FOOD! I love the ritual of the meal. The gathering of friends and loved ones to nourish ourselves and each other. A gratitude meal is a beautiful way to celebrate our thankfulness.


Finding gratitude in every step of dining can make a meal more satisfying and joyful. From food preparation, to eating, to cleaning up, expressing gratitude will add a lot of goodness to your nourishment.

Preparation: Send gratitude to the people who grew and picked your food. Be thankful for the individuals who stocked it and sold it to you in the grocery store. Thank yourself or the cook for preparing it.

Meal time: Commit to a moment of gratitude at the beginning of a meal. Look at your plate and really appreciate the lovely food on it with all of your senses. The different colors, the delicious scents, the textures. Be grateful for every bite.

Clean up : Clear the table and be thankful for clean, hot water to wash the dishes. Be thankful for our dishwasher (the machine or the person:) that helps get the job done!

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